KiScon 2022 – Progress Report #2

Larissa Bernstein (T'Lara) / 9th May 2022, 4:08AM

Save the dates:

KiScon 2022 (entirely online): 4-6 November

Deadline for zine submissions: 1 August
Deadline for program booklet submissions: 1 October
Deadline for goodie bag submissions: 1 October
Deadline for vidshow submissions: 10 October

First KiScord Pub Night: 28 May, 5:00 p.m. EDT


Dear K/S friends,


Greetings! How is it May already? We hope you got well through the various April holidays. It's high time for our second progress report! Some of the following might be “old news” for you, but we think it is important to repeat details about registration & Discord.

1. Registration:

You can sign up for our virtual KiScon 2022 directly on Conline. Please note that we handle all registrations through this framework this year.

Registration is a 2-step process: 1) click “Join” to enter the KiScon area on Conline, then 2) click “Registration” to sign up for our 2022 convention. For a detailed explanation with screenshots, you can download this handy How-To(pdf).

We recommend that you use a fannish name for your Conline profile, ideally your badge name (if you usually put both your real name and your fannish name on convention badges, only use the fannish part). We have also prepared a detailed guide for setting up or editing your Conline profile.

2. KiScon Discord (“KiScord”):

You can join our KiScon Discord server by following this invite link. To make things a bit easier for the con staff, we’d appreciate if you could add your badge name also to your Discord profile name so that we know who is who. :-)

For the convention weekend, there will be special channels for activities and chat, exclusive to con attendees. We will also create "Starfleet Academy" channels a week before the con, for training and practice, so that members can get used to the virtual setting and try out things. You can, of course, just take part in the convention by joining the panels in the Zoom sessions, but we strongly encourage you to also join the Discord server; it provides another layer of discussion and socialising during the con, and it will be the quickest way for you to get technical support if needed; some activities and games will require Discord.

The server also features general channels that will be open year-round, both for past KiScon members and for fans interested in KiScon. All Trek and K/S discussion very welcome!

As always with all things computer and internet, we are very happy to help you if you have questions or encounter problems. We want to make this experience of a virtual KiScon as pleasant and smooth as possible for you. Our tech expert 1lostone is happy to help you: 1lostone @

There will be a Pub Night on the KiScord on Saturday, May 28th, 5:00 p.m. EDT (what time is that for me?) Join us for chat and games! This is also a good opportunity to get more familiar with Discord. 

3. KiScon Fanvid Shows: send us your submissions!

There will be three vid shows at KiScon 2022: Classics, Premieres/Competition, and our famous Disco Show on Saturday. To make these shows as awesome as possible, we ask you to send in your vids, please! Whether you are an old-skool vidder or a newcomer, queen of angsty vids or king of crack, seasoned scholar of K/S eye-sex studies, or master of plot transformations — we’d love to feature your works at the KiScon vid shows!

We are looking for:

Submission guidelines:

Please register your vids as soon as possible by letting us know what you plan to send in (vidder name, title, song, genre, universe, length), either via the form on the KiScon website or send a message to T'Lara!

Deadline for actual vid submission (preferably by Dropbox or similar download link): October 10th, 2022.

We are looking forward to seeing your contributions!

4. KiScon Goodie Bag:

Our traditional con bag will be entirely digital this year! Sadly, this means no chocolates (insert stoically sad Vulcans here)! But while you will, of course, get a .pdf file of the con zine, a .pdf file of the program booklet, and a download link for the vids, we will also include various other digital treats for you. Usually there are also goodies donated by con attendees or supporting members in the bags, e.g. stickers, sweets, flyers, bracelets etc., and we would be happy if members continued this tradition also in the virtual space. Anything that can be downloaded and shared digitally is game! Want to make a podfic or filk or mixtape for the con bag? Have some cool Trek crochet or sewing patterns that you would like to share? An awesome desktop wallpaper or digital stickers/badges that members can then use on their social media? Maybe a cool recipe for K/S cookies or a lovely manip? 

The only restriction is that goodies need to be fannish in a transformative way, that means e.g. no video files of Trek eps, no audiobooks of pro novels, and no unaltered screenshots or officially released images. When in doubt, just ask us. 

You can also send in digital flyers for your fannish projects, but these can also be included in the program booklet — which brings us to the next point…

5. KiScon Program Booklet:

The program booklet or “con book” not only provides all members with the schedule and a detailed overview of all the activities during KiScon, but will also include a section on dealers and year-round fannish spaces, much like a directory. If you would like us to include  links to your zine project, fannish event, fic fest, Trek podcast etc., please get in touch with us. This booklet will be compiled fairly close to the convention to reflect updates and changes in the schedule, but we’d appreciate if you sent in your submissions until October 1st, 2022. 

Members who have a dealer ticket will get a more detailed listing. Please let us know how you would like to be presented in the booklet (for example: a list of all your available zines, announcements of new issues and calls for zine submissions).

6. Where to find information & announcements:

Official website
KiScon Discord server
Tumblr blog
Facebook Group

7. Last but not least, a signal boost: T'hy'la Bang (completed) & Sunflower Auction (ongoing)

For your K/S delight, please check out the awesome fic and art from the T'hy'la Bang 2022: AO3 collectionmasterlist. There's such a cornupia of talent in our fandom! <3

We'd also like to make you aware of Sunflower Auction, a multi-fandom charity project for Ukraine. Creator sign-ups are open until May 10, 2022, 23:59 UTC. Several fans from the Trek and K/S community have already signed up.

Yours in K/S,

T’Lara and Judy

Co-chairs KiScon 2022