Progress Report #3

Larissa Bernstein (TLara) (she/her) / 10th Jun 2022, 1:04PM

Save the dates:

KiScon 2022 (entirely online): 4-6 November

Deadline for zine submissions: 1 August
Deadline for program booklet submissions: 1 October
Deadline for goodie bag submissions: 1 October
Deadline for vidshow submissions: 10 October
Deadline for cake contest submissions: 1 November

Second KiScord Pub Night: 11 June, 5:00 p.m. EDT


Dear K/S friends,

Greetings! We're back with our third progress report! 

1. Memberships:

Let's start with some statistics: So far, 46 people have registered for KiScon 2022 and we can't wait to meet them all!

There are 13 additional fans who have joined Conline but not yet followed through with the registration process and payment. Which is all good as there is still plenty of time until the convention, but we would like to remind you: Registration on Conline is a 2-step process: 1) click “Join” to enter the KiScon area on Conline, then 2) click “Registration” to sign up for our 2022 convention. For a detailed explanation with screenshots, you can download this handy How-To (pdf).

Just joining Conline and/or Discord without properly registering for KiScon will not get you a membership! If you are unsure whether you are already registered, please check your status on Conline: When you go to the Conline homepage and log in, then click on your name (upper right corner of the screen) and pick "Dashboard" from the drop-down menu, you should see KiScon listed among the conventions you are registered for. Of course, you can always check back with us if you feel unsure whether the registration or payment went through correctly.

Let us emphasise again that we recommend the use of a fannish name for your Conline profile, ideally your badge name (if you usually put both your real name and your fannish name on convention badges, only use the fannish part). We have also prepared a detailed guide for setting up or editing your Conline profile.

The concom is currently in the process of going through the list of members and contacting those with incomplete sign-ups or unclear usernames.

We are very happy to help you if you have questions or encounter problems. We want to make this experience of a virtual KiScon as pleasant and smooth as possible for you. Our tech expert 1lostone is happy to help you: 1lostone @ kiscon . org

2. KiScon Discord (“KiScord”):

To make the process of joining our "KiScord" a bit easier, we have created a detailed walkthrough with screenshots. You can download the pdf from our website. This document explains to you all the steps of creating a Discord account and joining the KiScon server.

Please note that Discord is an important tool in preparation for and during the convention weekend; we highly recommend familiarising yourself with it before the con, so that you can enjoy the discussions and activities in a smooth and relaxed way. 

A great way to get to know Discord and its functions better, is to take part in one of our Pub Nights that we regularly host.

Our next Pub Night is on Saturday, June 11th, at 5:00 p.m. EDT (what time is that for me?) Games! Fun! Fic! Frolicking! Silliness! You have to bring your own Romulan Ale, though.

3. Pub Night Fic Recs

During the last Pub Night we played the alphabet game, and that resulted in a lovely list of K/S fic recs. 

A Gentle Nudge” by Rhaegal
Acquisition” by CateAdams
Blame the Wind” by Elise Madrid
Blood Fever” by T'Lara
Ctrl Alt Delete” by screamlet 
Carnival” by jesmihr
Desideratum” by what_alchemy
Debt of Honor” by Brianna Falken
Eye Bleach” by Beedlebarg
“Extra Oil, Light Butter, and Whipped Cream on the Side” by Alexis Fegan Black (not online, see Fanlore article)
The Friend” by Simone Allen
Fighting Gravity” by pantswarrior
Gentleman Alone” by DeeGilles
Glass Slippers Are Illogical” by CMM
Heart’s Survival (Rishan D’Kahf-spol)” by 1lostone
Inside the River” by yeaka
Idol” by J S Cavalcante
Just a Kiss” by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
Kaiidth” by TGuess
Legally Friends” by Weirdlittlestories
The Lotus Eaters” by aldora89
Leave No Soul Behind” by whochick (this fic has a fanvid trailer by Paper Tiger)

Ewan MacColl – The Handsome Cabin Boy

A big thank-you to Kiona for compiling the list! 1lostone has also put it into a Google Doc for easier sharing.

4. KiScon Programming:

We have been collecting ideas and suggestions for panels and activities since before the first announcement of KiScon 2022, and we will send out the traditional survey at the end of August to gauge interests (would attend / would moderate or present) and tailor the program to our members' tastes and wishes. If you have topics you burn to see and discuss at the con – whether you want to actively present/moderate them, or just hope someone else will – please throw them into our direction: conchairs @ kiscon . org or via Discord.

If you have a specific panel or activity in mind that you would like to claim as presenter/host at KiScon, e.g. a writing workshop, a game, a 101 on digital art, etc., please let us know too. 

5. Cake:

A beautiful K/S-themed cake has long been a staple of KiScon throughout the years. We would like to carry on with this tradition even in the digital setting and invite everyone to take part in our cake contest. While we won't be able to taste the sweet creations, we'll be able to enjoy them in a visual way. Be it a big cake with buttercream drawings, or adorned with marzipan figures or peens, be it a K/S action figure variation of the infamous Barbie cake, or be it cake's little cousin, the cupcake, go wild and surprise us! We will present the creations in a virtual gallery (recipes/explanations of symbolism etc. and – of course – photos) and KiScon attendees will vote for their favourites. Photo toppers are allowed, but we ask you not to use other people's fanart without asking the artist first. You can create your K/S (cup)cake anytime before the con, but we need to have your recipe/photos submission no later than November 1st, 2022

6. Where to find information & announcements:

Official website
KiScon Discord server
Tumblr blog
Facebook Group

7. Last but not least, an advance notice: Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2022

Advent Calendar, you say? It is June!

It is only June, but as we all know: time flies, and this fannish event will have a long creation period. Originally established by kira-nerys in 2002, and hosted and moderated by different fans over the years (among them Amanda and arminaa, both KiScon veterans), this beloved K/S event will return this year. Brought to you by the mods of K/S Spring Fever, the fest takes place throughout the month of December.

Please stay tuned for a more detailed announcement with all the links soon!
In the meantime, we are happy to share the schedule:

Sign-ups and prompt posts: September 1 - 30
Prompt claims and creation period: September 1 - November 20
Works due: November 20
Works revealed (gradually): Dec 1 - 31
The time for all these steps is: 11:59 PM UTC.

We've marked those dates in our calendars, and hope many other fans will join in the fun.

Yours in K/S,

T’Lara and Judy

Co-chairs KiScon 2022